My Way (Politically) Forward

I have not written for quite a long time but I feel that I need to start writing again.

The way the main Political Parties are infighting there is a chance for a newly formed party to get up and running, this would give them 3 years to get a following and stand, especially, in the next local elections.

I have no allegiance to any of the main Political Parties and would have to stand as an Independent. This would change if there actually was a Party that stood for the real people.

The Labour Party still fighting amongst themselves instead of being the Opposition. We all know that thousands of people have signed up to the party but is that because they are true socialists or is it because of Jeremy Corbyn.

In Leicester we are in the process of starting a new political party and will be posting information on Facebook and Twitter.

We aim to take the fight to the underachieving local Councils up and down the country. So if you’re up for the fight of fighting for the disabled, most vulnerable, sick, old, low waged, unemployed people of your area and want to make a change then join us to start making a difference.

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Corbyn or Progress? – You Decide.

Yet again Labour’s ever growing membership have got to vote again for who they want as their Party Leader. This has been already been democratically decided but yet again Labour’s loony right-wing progress members, who in my opinion are more Tory than Socialist, are demanding that the Leadership be voted on again.

Corbyn, yet again, is out and about stopping at every corner, talking to the real party members. This in my opinion is what a good leader should be doing not throwing around extremely idle promises around looking after the disabled or promising to have another referendum on leaving European Union.

The irony of what Mr Owen says is that he and his cronies voted for the cuts to disability, unemployment, NHS, “bedroom tax” and nearly all the austerity acts that this and the Coalition Government have put in place.

My MP keeps stating that she takes on all the issues that affect her constituents and that she votes for what they want. Bollocks does she, she has never asked what worries me and my family or how the benefit cuts are affecting us. She says she votes for me well she wants austerity I don’t she votes for austerity for herself but she won’t vote against it for me and the numerous amount of people who really need an MP that uses their vote against austerity and the Government’s constant vindictive attacks on the most vulnerable people in our country.

So what is going to be the outcome of the Leadership vote? Well I can only see one winner, Jeremy Corbyn. After this it’s my belief that those who stand against and vote against Corbyn should be deselected and told to leave the Party. 

The Labour Party, at this time, should be fighting the Government and standing against their vile treatment of the majority of the people in the UK.

So you decide left or right, good or bad, Corbyn or Progress, people or 1% it’s your vote.

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Every day is rapidly becoming the same, we see, hear, read and disbelieve what so called ‘humans’ are willing to allow and do to their own and/or other people.

This country hides behind the apron of the United States of America and when told to jump, we jump twice as high as requested.This is because the United States of America still believes that we the United Kingdom owe them for joining WW2 and saving the day.

We have sent our brave armed forces into wars that have been initiated by the United States of America and because they didn’t want to look totally inept our Government willingly sent our troops out to be MURDERED.

We are then feed crap about there being massive stock piles of weapons of mass destruction and guess what? Lies lies lies.

What in my opinion should of happened was that our Government, Labour run by Tony Blair, should of stood up to the United States of America and said

‘no more, sorry but we have finished paying you back for helping out in WW2.’

But no Blair looking for a way to make a name for himself cohorts with the States and knowing that there are no weapons of mass destruction sends his countrymen to their deaths in a far off land.

When the fighting stops statues are pulled down, only troops around are Americans. Thank you United Kingdom for taking part in our war now bugger off back to your country until we want you again. Yet this so called necessary war as we all know, was a waste of time, money and especially British lives.

Now we are being feed the latest bullshit that basically everyone who is fighting against someone else is a terrorist. We yet again agree to do what America wants and we vote to bomb Syria. Numerous other countries are taking part, so we come to the school playground scenario, we can bomb you but your not allowed to fight back.

Oh my god people have set bombs off in Paris, numerous people killed and injured. Killed and injured because their country’s Air Force was bombing them. I totally condone what these people did in Paris and stand strong in solidarity against these types of attacks and murder.


Borders are reinforced, Governments talk hard ball, media go to work blaming anyone and everyone, public and sporting events are cancelled, curfews are initiated and still the mastermind got away.

The United Kingdom Government and people voice their outrage at these atrocities and carry on bombing.

Is the free world as free as it makes out?

Are these terrorists the real enemy or is the real enemy the West which believes it should be listened to and adhered to.

Sorry but our Governments should all be ashamed of themselves for causing all this heartache to their own people and the people who are suffering the consequences of our big headedness.

War has never solved anything so why keep doing it.

save lives, save money, save face.

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Is there a way forward:

Momentum has been started by the Vote for Corbyn  campaigners off the back of the momentum from his Leadership victory.

Momentum groups are popping up all over the country and I have been part of  starting up the Leicester and Shire group.

The people involved with setting up Momentum are really an off shoot of Labour and aimed at Labour members and people who are thinking of joining or rejoining the Party. I have never been bothered or interested in Politics and at the moment this has not changed even though I really worry and care for the people who the Government are attacking day in day out.

Momentum are trying to get people campaigning and protesting at grassroot level, alot of place will have no problem developing this without basically having to try to hard. Then there are places like Leicester who had an inital  meeting which 16 people attended but over the last month the numbers have dwindled down to 5, this has been the major problem over the last 5 years. Every event has been attended by the same 30 – 40 people. The last Conservative Party Conference at least 4 coaches went from Leicester, so that is around 200 people where are these other 160 people when events are run in the city.

Alot of Labour Party members seem to only be seen when the news media are attending, this is surely not the way that Momentum and the Labour Party want them to be.

Labour was started to be the Political voice of the people with real Socialist values, then came Blair who change Labour to the right and now these remaining Blairites are standing against and attacking their new Leader. These so called Labour members are no more than trouble makers and really should act their ages and remember that they were voted for by people who have socialist views and not expected to be in the House of Commons to play out their own personal agenda.

So is there a way forward? Yes there is but people want to start dropping their ultra egos and get out at their local events, in my opinion this is the main start of the way for the people to get rid of this inept, murderous , devious and money orientated Government.

So do you want change? If so join your local Momentum group and lets get rid of the Conservatives.

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Politics and me:

Over the next 4 years is when those people who are wishing to get a start in Politics should be getting their campaigning underway and setting out their stall for what they intend to use in an attempt to get elected.

I have thought long and hard about this and have finally decided to make a start on the long road to the next local elections.

Who will I stand for?

At this moment in time I would have to say that I will stand as an Independent. The thought of standing for one of the major parties really scares me as they all seem to be as bad as each other with their only thought on what they can get out of it on at a personal level and bugger the people who voted for me.

This has happened in the ward I live in. The so-called Labour Councillors since being voted in in 2011 have not been seen, except in one part. This in my opinion is totally wrong as they were elected by the whole ward and not by just one area.

If by any chance I was a Councillor I hope that I would not behave in this manner.

We have all heard the broken promises over and over from Politicians, both Councillors and Ministers, who promise you the world for your vote but at the end of the day they intentionally forget everything and just look after themselves.

People ask me which way I swing left or right. Well personally I have an inkling that I swing more to the left. Do I class myself as a Socialist, I honestly don’t know. I have never really been into Politics but over the past 5 years and caring for my disabled partner I have become embroiled with Politics especially with the totally vicious attack on the disabled and disadvantaged. What makes it worse for me is that our Prime Minister had a son who was disabled and he applied and accepted disability benefit payments for him and know he is party to the victimisation of those with disabilities and the destruction of the Welfare system. Why?

I am sat writing this and thinking ‘could I make a difference?’ I would hope I could even if it was only in a small way. I have friends who, up to the last local elections, were Labour Councillors and they became so dissolutioned that they crossed the floor and became Independent Councillors and have since lost their seats. But we look up to them because after years of being Labour they finally saw the ugly side of the Party and needed to change.

Does an Independent candidate stand any chance of being elected in to a totally Labour run Council. I believe they do especially if they have a good campaign agenda. I also think that with the next elections 4 years away no is the time to get out amongst the people and start listening to their anger, problems and their suggestions.

Because the next 4 years is going to fly past.

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Tory, Labour, OUR’s:

Today I had an idea but when I reflected on it I thought “Why am I bothering because no one really cares about it”. As far as I’m concerned, the thought of another 5 years of Tory victimisation and abuse really scares me, whoever gets the Labour leadership will they really oppose the Government, there is a real need for the people to have their say and one way I thought about was starting a new Political Party (not thought of a name).

The disabled, unemployed and disadvantaged people are at the moment hoping that someone will come along and give them hope. This why the thought of a Party that involves the real people of this country really and truly excites me.

I have spoken to a number of ex Councillors and they all think it is a good idea. The only problem I have with this is that I would like them to assist but not to take control of it because it’s the people who will run it.

Those people around the country who are being attacked by this Tory Government consists of people from all walks of life and as we all know how many people have thought that the only way to get out of this was to take their own lives. In this day and age we should not be being treated like we are the reason for all the debt that this country has accumulated because past Governments have thought it a good idea to waste money on countless crystal ball ideas and also giving aid to countries who they know darn well that the money will go no further than the country’s Government. So they hit the most vulnerable to cover their incompetence.

What is definitely needed in our country right now is a Party that sticks by what they promise (I can hear people saying ‘Oh yeah heard this all before and it’ll end up being no better than the other Parties’. Well I understand your point but I would only put my time and effort into something that would always stand by what it promised.

The ideal new Party would firstly stand in the next local elections. As this would be a great way to start the Party would need people to back it both as members and contributing financially. The Party members would also have a membership which would be charged annually.

Please feel free to contact me with your comments and/or suggestions.

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Is the ‘Labour Purge’ Right for Democracy?

Well Well Well!

Finally we are being privileged to seeing the true BLUE colours of the so called ‘RED’ Labour Party. To date numerous voters are having their votes cancelled due to the Labour Party believing that they do not “support the aims and values of the Labour Party or you are a supporter of an organisation opposed to the Labour Party”.

Jayne Linney blogged – Dear Iain McNicol this morning

Why do they presume to know this? Why did they accept your £3.00? Do they know who you actually voted for?

Many ex Labour supporters, who left due to being disillusioned, have paid their £3.00 to become an affiliated supported so that they could vote for the candidate who they believed could lead the Party in the right/left direction only to have this kicked back in their faces due to the Party not liking how they voted. If this is true how the hell have they found out who people have voted for or have the three right wing candidates allies in the electoral counting system that are scared and starting to pull votes off people.

Andrew MacKinlay, Labour MP for Thurrock speaking on BBC Radio 4 – interview.

I can not believe that three Leadership candidates are so scared of the one other candidate that they have forced the Party to take these really extreme steps.

The Labour Party was built on Socialist aims and values so all members are basically Socialists. If this is true then why are they all so scared of the one candidate that wants to bring the Party back into line with these aims and values?

Lets all stand together, stand stronger and know that we really do believe in the true aims and values of the real RED Labour Party.

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A new beginning – A new Party

As we all know the start of this Conservative Government’s plans for more degrading, disgusting and totally inhumane Welfare cuts which are going to be aimed mainly at the disabled, sick, poor, unemployed, low waged and most vulnerable people of our society.

They have battered us for five years, along with their buddies the LibDems, and now it will be an all out attack which they will hope will finally knock the stuffing out of us and put us in our rightful place. They are confident that they will achieve this easily by the end of five years. They will also take away our human rights and finally take us back to the 1800s.

Will they be opposed in their drive towards reinventing a society that has two classes, rich and poor. They will also change laws to benefit themselves and the rich 1%.

Do you and I have a choice in the inevitable future? YES WE DO.

We all know that there are numerous campaigns and groups fighting against the cuts and taxes from the past five years. Each group and campaign seem to only fight for their own part of the cuts and taxes.


Well it’s my personal opinion that each of these campaigns and groups have a certain amount of people whose egos are bigger than the cause. This therefore stops them joining forces with anyone else because they want all the praise and are not willing to share.

I have decided to try and start a new Political Party aimed at bringing together all the different groups and campaigns to start fighting the Tories on a regional and national level. This will be a long hard struggle but if we fight as one with rallies, marches and peaceful protest we will be heard and listened to.

One of the main points that has annoyed me over the past five years is that every time there has been a big march or rally it is always at the weekend when the MP’s are not in the House of Commons I understand that people are at work but we need to march during the week as well. We need to stop the flow of traffic by marching at different times and different days. This is one way that we can cause civil disobedience.

I am open to suggestions and would love to get this off the ground.

If you want to meet, especially if there are a few of you, I am willing to pay you a visit and talk about it.

This Party will be for the people and run by the people.

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We need a Coalition of Campaigns.

There are a few people who attend any rally,  march or demonstration and I suppose it is the same all over the country.  We all support differing campaigns even though we all have the same endgame.

It is my honest opinion that wherever we live in the UK the time has come for all the different campaigns to join forces and stand side by side as one big demonstration,  rally or march.

It is a big ask but we actually need to show this Government that we can work as one and not alone.

I have tried time after time to attempt to get people working together but all to no avail,  it seems that the depth of apathy in the UK is extremely strong and thus very hard to change.

Those lucky people who are in work and healthy right now don’t forget that all that can change in a heart beat and you will then find yourselves on the wrong end of the welfare reforms like so, so millions already are.

It will be then that you will realise just how bad things actually are and then you might just start thinking why you didn’t stand up against the evil Coalition welfare cuts and taxes before you were actually forced into doing so.

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Reality check and outlook.

This country has in the past five years been run by a Government that’s major course of action was to totally humiliate those who, through no fault of their own,  survive day to day on welfare benefits.  Most of the time they have to decide whether to pay their bills or to eat and those who have children have been forced to feed the children and to go without themselves.

While the Government has enforced their cuts and taxes upon the disadvantaged in society they have sat back and watched,  laughed and felt extremely proud at making people suffer and ultimately commit suicide.  As they  strut around like peacocks they workout what they can do for their disgusting rich compatriots to make them even richer. They sell off major social services at stupidly low prices and thus making them considerably richer as the stock market price rises.

So what will happen in a few weeks when this new Government holds its first budget.  We all know that the majority of the cuts that they need to implement will be pushed on the disadvantaged among the population. We will have our benefits cut even more while the rich 1% will get even more tax cuts and bigger and bigger bank balances.

I like many others have sleepless nights working about making ends meet while these evil, pompous, ignorant excuses for human beings sleep soundly counting the pound signs jumping the fence.

They talk of equality and somehow forget that everyone is entitled to being treated with respect,  humanity,  and that they Human Rights which should be adhered to.  Then again this inept Government want to vote out our Human Rights. Is this another step in the direction of the start of Poor and Workhouses for the disadvantaged therefore they will not have to see or hear us and they can carry on being the smug bastards that they think they are.

What can you and I do about this?

Well we need to be honest and ask ourselves do I want to do anything more than sit at home behind my computer screen.

I have no problem with this but I also think that we need to get a lot more people out on the streets each week instead of just the usual few who are out rain, snow, ice and sun fighting for the cause.  We should also be protesting against not just one cut or tax but against all of them.

My main object for the next five years is to carry on taking the fight to them and campaigning to stand at the next local elections.

What are yours?

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