Was training really worth the time and effort?

A couple of months ago I participated in DEAEP Leicester’s Peer Support in Action course which was very eye opening to say the least.

Was this training really necessary? Was I going to learn anything? Would the course content be relevant?

After this week’s WRAG meeting in Leicester and todays tribunal in Nottingham Yes, Yes and Yes.  Three answers that say it all.

With out this professional training and support from the DEAEP staff the two clients I represented would of stood no chance in attaining the results they really deserved. The result for these two clients was that they won their cases.

So if like me you think that representing and supporting people who are scared of losing their meagre benefits just because they are disabled or vulnerable and need someone to stand along side them and give them a voice and support.

If you think you could do this then I recommend that you contact DEAEP through their website http://www.deaepleicester.moonfruit.com, fill in the contact form and take the course. There are going to be a lot more people needing help so come and join us to help others.

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5 Responses to Was training really worth the time and effort?

  1. jaynel62 says:

    I take it you won your case? 🙂 xx


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