Oh really Mr Cameron.

Today I hear that a certain Mr Cameron is going to lay out the basis of the Conservative Party’s  General Election promises or lies.

He is going to promise to look after the NHS by giving them more money but he won’t promise not to hit them with extra cuts. Well I won’t hold my breath and neither should you.

The main problem with Mr Cameron’s speech will be the promise of getting more claimants off benefit and into work. This sounds really promising if it could really happen even though there are hardly any job vacancies for the majority of the population.

So how is this possible?

It is my view that other than cooking the books this will be impossible because past Governments have all been party to getting rid of all the trades that made the United Kingdom great. The jobs that used to be regularly posted in the Job Centres have all disappeared into the realms of history.

When will a Government accept what has happened to the job market and why that the majority of jobs that are advertised nowadays are aimed at those who are interested in working in the Digital world. The main thing is that the majority of people who are unemployed do not have the qualifications to do those jobs.

So where are you meant to work?

Well if you want to keep claiming JSA nowadays you have to job search for 35+ hours a week and/or participate in a workfare job for one of the big retail superstores.

But then again don’t forget that the Government tell us that this is all lies and that we are twisting the facts not that it is true and that they have sanctioned so many or that they have placed them on Workfare. So because of these devious cover ups and data irregularities how in the future can a Politician say that there will be more people getting into permanent employment, they can’t unless they have a really really great idea to reinvent the professions that have disappeared then they will be yet again telling the British people even more lies and in fact the possibility of there being even more on benefits and even less job vacancies.

So do you believe that Mr Cameron will lie to us all yet again?

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2 Responses to Oh really Mr Cameron.

  1. A6er says:

    Reblogged this on Britain Isn't Eating and commented:
    Just like his last General Election promises, we (non Tory supporters) all warned them that they were blatant lies that he wouldnt adhere to.
    A few years on from 2010 the Tories started deleting all those pre-election promises from their website, and from all other Tory affiliated ones too.

    A few more years down the line in present day, and we find that not one of his election promises has held any weight, national debt reduction,balancing the deficit, EU immigration reductions & borrowing less, etc etc etc.
    And now he’s doing the same thing to his supporters, promising them more without a cat in hells chance of giving it to them!
    Same old Tories, same old lies, same old ideological policies.
    Now its time for the Peasants Revolt, and oh…how we will too.


  2. Chris says:

    A blatant lie has been revealed by, amazingly, a Tory newspaper, The Daily Telegraph, that has revealed that 2 million workers will not get the full flat rate pension of £155.

    Under the article were commentators who had received an official government flat rate forecast of just £55 per week, even after 33 years in work.

    The information in the article had come from a formal government email seen by the Daily Telegraph and Freedom of Information requests gained by pensions experts.

    There are the poorest workers who will, indeed, get NIL STATE PENSION FOR LIFE.

    The more people sign my petition, the more this con will be revealed in a debate in parliament and so inform people of this con that leaves so many with not even the lowest 4 per cent income forever in old age, or nothing at all whatsoever.


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