Party bashing and voting:

Well the last few weeks in the tit for tat world of British Politics have been no different.

One party slagging off another and then being counted with comments against the accusation and chucking back more vile accusations. Then we have the children (leaders) throwing their toys out of their prams because the others will not allow who they want to take part in the forthcoming televised debates.

And then we have the weekly unnecessary, ignorant, childish and slagging the others off while the rest shout and gaggle like they think we will all think how clever they are. This behaviour is, in my opinion, worse than a load of disruptive children in a school play ground matter of fact the children are actually better behaved.

So when you look at these situations it makes me wonder how the hell we actually voted for them. For people who we are supposed to trust with our lives and because we voted for them they should be standing up for us and taking note of the things that we require them to fight for in Parliament and not just what they want to do or whatever they think will benefit them personally.

So come May we will all trudge to the polling stations and vote for someone who we will expect to fight for us and most of all LISTEN to us and if it means going against others in their Party then so be it, but then again when they win and get amongst their own sort in London then I believe they will very very quickly forget who put them in Parliament and start just doing whatever they want as long as they will benefit from it.

So come May please go out and vote  because even a soiled voting sheet is counted and then again if you don’t vote you really don’t have any comeback or rights to complain about what happens later.

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4 Responses to Party bashing and voting:

  1. jaynel62 says:

    The need for us all to vote in May is something I feel very strongly about xxx

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  2. Ian reynolds says:

    I want to join any party which is effective against the Tory cuts in public spending with affect those who are out vunerable.


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