We’re here because no one else is:

DEAEP is a charitable social enterprise that offers training to sick, disabled, unemployed, and other vulnerable individuals.

We were founded in 2013 by Jayne and Nicola Linney, Tony Hamon, Wayne Naylor; in response to the cuts arising from the government’s Austerity agenda. This and the associated changes to the social security available to disabled and disadvantaged people has created an increase in stress to claimants.

Since the closure of companies like Remploy, cuts to legal aid and the increased demand on organisations such as C.A.B, the support available for sick and disabled people to assist them with assessments, tribunals or training has become very scarce

As disabled people are disproportionately affected by these cuts; in some cases up to 9 times more than other benefit recipients: DEAEP have responded by developing a training course to help disabled, vulnerable people, carers and families; this affords participants with a firm understanding of the procedures and practices of disability benefits, medical assessments, tribunals and mandatory reconsiderations.

Though our main area of peer support is E.S.A/ P.I.P assessments and tribunals, we have also helped numerous others with advice and support via the internet and telephone, have helped support individuals at hospital/GP visits and are able to offer the same support anywhere sick and disabled people feel that they would value having someone at their side to help them tell their story.







DEAEP’s overall aim is to enable disadvantaged individuals to participate in society via accessing their benefit entitlements, this then allows participants to re-engage in Society; this might be enrolling in Further Education, or confidently enter employment.

DEAEP offers free training to people in receipt of social benefits or on low wage, up skilling participants to then act as ‘Peer Supporters;’ our “Peer Support in Action” course aims to enable disabled and chronically ill people to make positive steps towards the future and to train them in supporting others with similar issues as themselves.

DEAEP also offers bespoke training courses for companies on request.

DEAEP’s training programme has been specifically designed by sick & disabled people to enable others to develop the necessary skills, ability and confidence, to actively empower themselves and others

By utilising our collective knowledge, experience and skills we proactively work to ensure all principles of equality, and good practice are developed and maintained by all members.

Last year DEAEP helped 3 people with their E.S.A/ P.I.P assessments, 3 people with tribunals and 2 people with their WRAG interviews. DEAEP has also assisted several people through email and telephone consultations and 5 individuals with their E.S.A/ P.I.P applications.

As a result, these people have not only gained the correct decision but have been given an insight into how to best deal with these situations should they have to be revisited in the future.

DEAEP has the advantage of being the only company that aims solely to empower the disabled and disadvantaged community and also employs people with personal experience of the difficulties that disabled and disadvantaged people face every day.




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