What we need to do now:

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Toto the Activist

I am, like you, getting fed up with the constant bombardment from all the Political Parties slinging non-stop accusations that the other parties are all going to make this country worse off if you don’t vote for them.

The sooner the election is over and we all finally discover that things are no better and probably could be even worse off. By this time people will start moaning and groaning all over the social media networks, starting petitions and campaigns against the new Government. Most of these people are the ones who at the moment have so much apathy and believe that things will get better straight away. Well I’m sorry to say hard luck.

Instead of us all being totally immersed with apathy we should in fact still be campaigning and protesting against this inept Coalition and thus informing the next Government that if things don’t change we are…

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Leicester, Socialist .Former Community Worker F**ked Up Feisty & Proud of it/ #Fibro, #Sjorgens, & #ChronicIllness #MentalHealth #Equality
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