What we do and how it affects us.

Today DEAEP took to the road,  well we went 2.5 miles,  and ventured into the realms of putting themselves out in the public eye at the Choice Unlimited Marketing event at the Leicester Tigers Rugby Club.

Okay this does not sound a big deal to most people but when you think that all our staff have numerous disabilities and the time and effort this morning to get prepared just to go to the event shows how dedicated the staff members are. That along with their physical and mental health problems, which they overcame until 3 pm. By this time these people were both physically and mentally shattered.


A great big well done to Jayne, Nicki and Wayne for their perseverance and for showing exactly what DEAEP stands for and how dedicated we are to helping others.


We would like to say thank you to Choice Unlimited for organising the event and for inviting DEAEP to participate.  Also thanks to all the people and companies that showed an interest in what we are trying to do and were willing to work alongside us.

A special thanks to Liz Kendall MP who was extremely interested in what DEAEP was trying to achieve.


Thank you all and hopefully we have gained a new band of friends to help DEAEP move forward with their philosophy of helping people who are being victimised by the changes to their respective benefits and cuts which are being forced upon by the DWP.

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2 Responses to What we do and how it affects us.

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  2. jaynel62 says:

    A Brilliant account of why we put ourselves through such extra Suffering, THANKS Lover without you it wuold not happen xxx

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