Not long now.

The day of reckoning for all the runners who are hoping to win the election and thus run the country.

To date I have only received two leaflets,  1 from the Tories and 1 from the Lib Dems. So what are the rest doing? 

No party has yet to ring the bell and talk to me so as it stands it looks like it could be a spoiled voting sheet because I have a postal vote so not much time to impress me.

As I sit by the river in Abbey Park,  watching the ducks and geese going about their business with not a care in the world., I ponder on the last five years of Coalition Government and how disgracefully and inhumanelly that they have treated the vulnerable,  disadvantaged,  disabled,  sick,  poor and low paid citizens of our country.

I don’t believe I am the only one who dreads the outcome of the election just in case we are going to be victimised, belittled, abused even more by the next Government.

We all know that the Tories will hammer us even more with benefit cuts, sanctions etc. All we have heard from Labour is that they will get rid of the bedroom tax but who are they going to victimise to get the money to fund other things. I think we all know who.

So what have we done to all these politicians for them to keep wanting to attack us so viciously?

If they all believe that we are scroungers and the scum of the country then why don’t they just open up poor houses ang work houses again and then at least we’ll all know where we stand.

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2 Responses to Not long now.

  1. Try to come to TUSC’s public meeting tomorrow if you can, Sunday 26th April, at Belgrave Neighbourhood Centre (2pm) – to find out more about LICAC and TUSC, the anti-austerity alternative that is running in elections across all council seats, except one, in Leicester, in all three Parliamentary seats and in the mayoral elections. We have 150,000 postcard-sized leaflets going out across the city, and they are being delivered by Royal Mail.


    • deaeper says:

      I once thought about standing in Leicester but after being at one of the steering committee meetings I noticed that TUSC seemed to be running the show and were taking no notice of the two Councillors that had crossed the floor, it seemed it was the TUSC way or no way. So sorry will not be able to come to your meeting.


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