To much apathy or just don’t care?

Since the election Party Leaders have resigned and their respective Parties have got to choose a new one. We hear from the Labour Party that they are not going to rush it and probably not vote until their Conference, in the meantime the Conservatives are going to carry on hitting the disadvantaged hard.

This sounds just like the rest of the UK who unless it is happening to them directly, then they just don’t want to know or get involved.

Why do these sort of people have so much apathy towards other people who are struggling day in day out, trying to make the measly amount of benefit money they get to stretch as far as possible. A large number of parents go with out a meal so that they can feed their children.

There are so many people in the UK who have more money than they know what to do with. Why don’t they give a certain amount each year to help out the disadvantaged people. Why don’t they? BECAUSE they so full of shite and apathy and that they live in an entirely different world to us commoners.

They moan about the slightest thing where the rest of us are fighting against a Government that really wants to take everything away from us which if they are allowed to will kill off a enormous amount of us over the next five years. The rest of us will either out on the streets or working and living in Work and Poor Houses.

So why are we allowing them to get away with it? Well a large number of people are fighting day in day out to try and get things done but they can only do so much fighting before it takes its toll on them.

So don’t you think that it’s time for the rest of us to stop being so apathetic and get our arses in gear and start helping them. We need to be aware that the Government are going to attempt to push through as many new welfare changes before the other parties have a chance to elect their new leaders.

Therefore it is imperative that we commence our new campaigns of protest ASAP and that we learn from the past 5 years and make sure that our protests are carried out peacefully.

We must and should start protesting sooner rather than later. Our protests should and must be held all around the UK, whether it is in a small village or a large City our protests must not only be held at the weekend but also on different days of the week. We must cause as much disruption so as to make the Government look up and listen to our discord.

So Brothers and Sisters let’s stand together and start this long campaign against this disgusting Tory Government.

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