Reality check and outlook.

This country has in the past five years been run by a Government that’s major course of action was to totally humiliate those who, through no fault of their own,  survive day to day on welfare benefits.  Most of the time they have to decide whether to pay their bills or to eat and those who have children have been forced to feed the children and to go without themselves.

While the Government has enforced their cuts and taxes upon the disadvantaged in society they have sat back and watched,  laughed and felt extremely proud at making people suffer and ultimately commit suicide.  As they  strut around like peacocks they workout what they can do for their disgusting rich compatriots to make them even richer. They sell off major social services at stupidly low prices and thus making them considerably richer as the stock market price rises.

So what will happen in a few weeks when this new Government holds its first budget.  We all know that the majority of the cuts that they need to implement will be pushed on the disadvantaged among the population. We will have our benefits cut even more while the rich 1% will get even more tax cuts and bigger and bigger bank balances.

I like many others have sleepless nights working about making ends meet while these evil, pompous, ignorant excuses for human beings sleep soundly counting the pound signs jumping the fence.

They talk of equality and somehow forget that everyone is entitled to being treated with respect,  humanity,  and that they Human Rights which should be adhered to.  Then again this inept Government want to vote out our Human Rights. Is this another step in the direction of the start of Poor and Workhouses for the disadvantaged therefore they will not have to see or hear us and they can carry on being the smug bastards that they think they are.

What can you and I do about this?

Well we need to be honest and ask ourselves do I want to do anything more than sit at home behind my computer screen.

I have no problem with this but I also think that we need to get a lot more people out on the streets each week instead of just the usual few who are out rain, snow, ice and sun fighting for the cause.  We should also be protesting against not just one cut or tax but against all of them.

My main object for the next five years is to carry on taking the fight to them and campaigning to stand at the next local elections.

What are yours?

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5 Responses to Reality check and outlook.

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  2. Reblogged this on Notes from the north and commented:
    My own thoughts are that protests are good, for those who can get to them, and who can cope with them. However, real leadership is needed in the places where decisions are made, a coalition of the left is needed in parliament, and we mustn’t forget that the current Con regime’s majority will probably not last the full 5 years! We should also be turning our attention to those who may well be considering propping up the Cons when their small majority is whittled away – For example, the DUP from Northern Ireland.


  3. Chris says:

    We can but hope that Jeremy Corbyn wins the Labour leadership battle and gains the 35 Labour MPs to support him in that.

    Jeremy Corbyn is marching in the anti austerity march in London on Saturday June 20 by the People’s Assembly.

    Mr Corbyn only got into the leadership contest by the people sat behind computer screens, who gave a successful campaign and gained the necessary 5000 signatures.

    But one lone person trying to get petition signatures does not work. Without a group to reshare and reshare in ever widening circles.

    The poorest people face a CUT to the state pension as new pensioners next year,
    or even NIL state pension for life.

    The Housewife pension under flat rate law next year is gone. The Housewife who has this pension already will lose it as the Widow pension is gone. As a divorcee also lose from ex-husband’s National Insurance history.

    Pension Credit (savings) is gone for new claimants next year.

    Universal Credit wherever it runs as pilots, denies pay out of Pension Credit (either kind) if either of a couple is below the raised retirement age.

    Just like the devolved to councils council tax support lost by so many, the savings level will reduce to get Universal Credit for those in work.

    Half the over 60s are within the working poor.

    This petition would show up the myth said by the Tories that welfare cuts will not hit pensioners.

    The Tories include in the welfare spend the state pension, when it is not a benefit but a contribution based pension from credits or paid contributions over life.

    Pensioner benefits are threatened by the attack on Pension Credit for current as well as new pensioners already in the pipeline.

    The flat rate state pension has portrayed itself as a single tier £155 per week for all new pensoners. Less than half will get that money.

    But even that is a con.

    Because a full SERPs pension very few indeed will get is £276.10 per week.


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