We need a Coalition of Campaigns.

There are a few people who attend any rally,  march or demonstration and I suppose it is the same all over the country.  We all support differing campaigns even though we all have the same endgame.

It is my honest opinion that wherever we live in the UK the time has come for all the different campaigns to join forces and stand side by side as one big demonstration,  rally or march.

It is a big ask but we actually need to show this Government that we can work as one and not alone.

I have tried time after time to attempt to get people working together but all to no avail,  it seems that the depth of apathy in the UK is extremely strong and thus very hard to change.

Those lucky people who are in work and healthy right now don’t forget that all that can change in a heart beat and you will then find yourselves on the wrong end of the welfare reforms like so, so millions already are.

It will be then that you will realise just how bad things actually are and then you might just start thinking why you didn’t stand up against the evil Coalition welfare cuts and taxes before you were actually forced into doing so.

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  2. Chris says:

    I sit on the biggest con in UK history of the flat rate state pension coming next year, a little lone voice of what is to come to over half of new pensioners next year.

    The people both left and right keep saying pensoners are all rich and love to hate.

    Just as we do to the disabled, chronic sick, the unemployed (when most poor are in work).

    Labour did not care less, when I wrote to Miliband or my local Labour candidate in May’s election about the flat rate pension.

    One Tory MP said to me the truth, We are not obliged to pay you anything.

    Next year people with differing or same number of years in work will all get different amounts of money, in an incomprehensible arcane system to reduce or wipe out the state pension for more than half of new pensioners.

    But in amongst all these, are the poor in their late 50s and early 60s, and poor pensioners with only the lowest state pension of all rich nations.

    Facing the threat of nil state pension for life, especially women, but with one man after 45 years in work getting a flat rate forecast of only £8.39 per week.

    So will a big campaign group spread widely my petition, so that the Tory wives see how much they will lose along with all us poor just the same?


    Because without over 50s / over 60s losing the welfare state, on low wages, disabled, chronic sick, and losing those benefits, disability benefit and Attendance Allowance due to be taxed at source, the raised retirement age means no Pension Credit and hit by the Bedroom Tax and Sanctions, we are indeed, all in the same boat.


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