Is the ‘Labour Purge’ Right for Democracy?

Well Well Well!

Finally we are being privileged to seeing the true BLUE colours of the so called ‘RED’ Labour Party. To date numerous voters are having their votes cancelled due to the Labour Party believing that they do not “support the aims and values of the Labour Party or you are a supporter of an organisation opposed to the Labour Party”.

Jayne Linney blogged – Dear Iain McNicol this morning

Why do they presume to know this? Why did they accept your £3.00? Do they know who you actually voted for?

Many ex Labour supporters, who left due to being disillusioned, have paid their £3.00 to become an affiliated supported so that they could vote for the candidate who they believed could lead the Party in the right/left direction only to have this kicked back in their faces due to the Party not liking how they voted. If this is true how the hell have they found out who people have voted for or have the three right wing candidates allies in the electoral counting system that are scared and starting to pull votes off people.

Andrew MacKinlay, Labour MP for Thurrock speaking on BBC Radio 4 – interview.

I can not believe that three Leadership candidates are so scared of the one other candidate that they have forced the Party to take these really extreme steps.

The Labour Party was built on Socialist aims and values so all members are basically Socialists. If this is true then why are they all so scared of the one candidate that wants to bring the Party back into line with these aims and values?

Lets all stand together, stand stronger and know that we really do believe in the true aims and values of the real RED Labour Party.

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