Politics and me:

Over the next 4 years is when those people who are wishing to get a start in Politics should be getting their campaigning underway and setting out their stall for what they intend to use in an attempt to get elected.

I have thought long and hard about this and have finally decided to make a start on the long road to the next local elections.

Who will I stand for?

At this moment in time I would have to say that I will stand as an Independent. The thought of standing for one of the major parties really scares me as they all seem to be as bad as each other with their only thought on what they can get out of it on at a personal level and bugger the people who voted for me.

This has happened in the ward I live in. The so-called Labour Councillors since being voted in in 2011 have not been seen, except in one part. This in my opinion is totally wrong as they were elected by the whole ward and not by just one area.

If by any chance I was a Councillor I hope that I would not behave in this manner.

We have all heard the broken promises over and over from Politicians, both Councillors and Ministers, who promise you the world for your vote but at the end of the day they intentionally forget everything and just look after themselves.

People ask me which way I swing left or right. Well personally I have an inkling that I swing more to the left. Do I class myself as a Socialist, I honestly don’t know. I have never really been into Politics but over the past 5 years and caring for my disabled partner I have become embroiled with Politics especially with the totally vicious attack on the disabled and disadvantaged. What makes it worse for me is that our Prime Minister had a son who was disabled and he applied and accepted disability benefit payments for him and know he is party to the victimisation of those with disabilities and the destruction of the Welfare system. Why?

I am sat writing this and thinking ‘could I make a difference?’ I would hope I could even if it was only in a small way. I have friends who, up to the last local elections, were Labour Councillors and they became so dissolutioned that they crossed the floor and became Independent Councillors and have since lost their seats. But we look up to them because after years of being Labour they finally saw the ugly side of the Party and needed to change.

Does an Independent candidate stand any chance of being elected in to a totally Labour run Council. I believe they do especially if they have a good campaign agenda. I also think that with the next elections 4 years away no is the time to get out amongst the people and start listening to their anger, problems and their suggestions.

Because the next 4 years is going to fly past.

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