Is there a way forward:

Momentum has been started by the Vote for Corbyn  campaigners off the back of the momentum from his Leadership victory.

Momentum groups are popping up all over the country and I have been part of  starting up the Leicester and Shire group.

The people involved with setting up Momentum are really an off shoot of Labour and aimed at Labour members and people who are thinking of joining or rejoining the Party. I have never been bothered or interested in Politics and at the moment this has not changed even though I really worry and care for the people who the Government are attacking day in day out.

Momentum are trying to get people campaigning and protesting at grassroot level, alot of place will have no problem developing this without basically having to try to hard. Then there are places like Leicester who had an inital  meeting which 16 people attended but over the last month the numbers have dwindled down to 5, this has been the major problem over the last 5 years. Every event has been attended by the same 30 – 40 people. The last Conservative Party Conference at least 4 coaches went from Leicester, so that is around 200 people where are these other 160 people when events are run in the city.

Alot of Labour Party members seem to only be seen when the news media are attending, this is surely not the way that Momentum and the Labour Party want them to be.

Labour was started to be the Political voice of the people with real Socialist values, then came Blair who change Labour to the right and now these remaining Blairites are standing against and attacking their new Leader. These so called Labour members are no more than trouble makers and really should act their ages and remember that they were voted for by people who have socialist views and not expected to be in the House of Commons to play out their own personal agenda.

So is there a way forward? Yes there is but people want to start dropping their ultra egos and get out at their local events, in my opinion this is the main start of the way for the people to get rid of this inept, murderous , devious and money orientated Government.

So do you want change? If so join your local Momentum group and lets get rid of the Conservatives.

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