Corbyn or Progress? – You Decide.

Yet again Labour’s ever growing membership have got to vote again for who they want as their Party Leader. This has been already been democratically decided but yet again Labour’s loony right-wing progress members, who in my opinion are more Tory than Socialist, are demanding that the Leadership be voted on again.

Corbyn, yet again, is out and about stopping at every corner, talking to the real party members. This in my opinion is what a good leader should be doing not throwing around extremely idle promises around looking after the disabled or promising to have another referendum on leaving European Union.

The irony of what Mr Owen says is that he and his cronies voted for the cuts to disability, unemployment, NHS, “bedroom tax” and nearly all the austerity acts that this and the Coalition Government have put in place.

My MP keeps stating that she takes on all the issues that affect her constituents and that she votes for what they want. Bollocks does she, she has never asked what worries me and my family or how the benefit cuts are affecting us. She says she votes for me well she wants austerity I don’t she votes for austerity for herself but she won’t vote against it for me and the numerous amount of people who really need an MP that uses their vote against austerity and the Government’s constant vindictive attacks on the most vulnerable people in our country.

So what is going to be the outcome of the Leadership vote? Well I can only see one winner, Jeremy Corbyn. After this it’s my belief that those who stand against and vote against Corbyn should be deselected and told to leave the Party. 

The Labour Party, at this time, should be fighting the Government and standing against their vile treatment of the majority of the people in the UK.

So you decide left or right, good or bad, Corbyn or Progress, people or 1% it’s your vote.

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