My Way (Politically) Forward

I have not written for quite a long time but I feel that I need to start writing again.

The way the main Political Parties are infighting there is a chance for a newly formed party to get up and running, this would give them 3 years to get a following and stand, especially, in the next local elections.

I have no allegiance to any of the main Political Parties and would have to stand as an Independent. This would change if there actually was a Party that stood for the real people.

The Labour Party still fighting amongst themselves instead of being the Opposition. We all know that thousands of people have signed up to the party but is that because they are true socialists or is it because of Jeremy Corbyn.

In Leicester we are in the process of starting a new political party and will be posting information on Facebook and Twitter.

We aim to take the fight to the underachieving local Councils up and down the country. So if you’re up for the fight of fighting for the disabled, most vulnerable, sick, old, low waged, unemployed people of your area and want to make a change then join us to start making a difference.

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