A new beginning – A new Party

As we all know the start of this Conservative Government’s plans for more degrading, disgusting and totally inhumane Welfare cuts which are going to be aimed mainly at the disabled, sick, poor, unemployed, low waged and most vulnerable people of our society.

They have battered us for five years, along with their buddies the LibDems, and now it will be an all out attack which they will hope will finally knock the stuffing out of us and put us in our rightful place. They are confident that they will achieve this easily by the end of five years. They will also take away our human rights and finally take us back to the 1800s.

Will they be opposed in their drive towards reinventing a society that has two classes, rich and poor. They will also change laws to benefit themselves and the rich 1%.

Do you and I have a choice in the inevitable future? YES WE DO.

We all know that there are numerous campaigns and groups fighting against the cuts and taxes from the past five years. Each group and campaign seem to only fight for their own part of the cuts and taxes.


Well it’s my personal opinion that each of these campaigns and groups have a certain amount of people whose egos are bigger than the cause. This therefore stops them joining forces with anyone else because they want all the praise and are not willing to share.

I have decided to try and start a new Political Party aimed at bringing together all the different groups and campaigns to start fighting the Tories on a regional and national level. This will be a long hard struggle but if we fight as one with rallies, marches and peaceful protest we will be heard and listened to.

One of the main points that has annoyed me over the past five years is that every time there has been a big march or rally it is always at the weekend when the MP’s are not in the House of Commons I understand that people are at work but we need to march during the week as well. We need to stop the flow of traffic by marching at different times and different days. This is one way that we can cause civil disobedience.

I am open to suggestions and would love to get this off the ground.

If you want to meet, especially if there are a few of you, I am willing to pay you a visit and talk about it.

This Party will be for the people and run by the people.

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We need a Coalition of Campaigns.

There are a few people who attend any rally,  march or demonstration and I suppose it is the same all over the country.  We all support differing campaigns even though we all have the same endgame.

It is my honest opinion that wherever we live in the UK the time has come for all the different campaigns to join forces and stand side by side as one big demonstration,  rally or march.

It is a big ask but we actually need to show this Government that we can work as one and not alone.

I have tried time after time to attempt to get people working together but all to no avail,  it seems that the depth of apathy in the UK is extremely strong and thus very hard to change.

Those lucky people who are in work and healthy right now don’t forget that all that can change in a heart beat and you will then find yourselves on the wrong end of the welfare reforms like so, so millions already are.

It will be then that you will realise just how bad things actually are and then you might just start thinking why you didn’t stand up against the evil Coalition welfare cuts and taxes before you were actually forced into doing so.

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Reality check and outlook.

This country has in the past five years been run by a Government that’s major course of action was to totally humiliate those who, through no fault of their own,  survive day to day on welfare benefits.  Most of the time they have to decide whether to pay their bills or to eat and those who have children have been forced to feed the children and to go without themselves.

While the Government has enforced their cuts and taxes upon the disadvantaged in society they have sat back and watched,  laughed and felt extremely proud at making people suffer and ultimately commit suicide.  As they  strut around like peacocks they workout what they can do for their disgusting rich compatriots to make them even richer. They sell off major social services at stupidly low prices and thus making them considerably richer as the stock market price rises.

So what will happen in a few weeks when this new Government holds its first budget.  We all know that the majority of the cuts that they need to implement will be pushed on the disadvantaged among the population. We will have our benefits cut even more while the rich 1% will get even more tax cuts and bigger and bigger bank balances.

I like many others have sleepless nights working about making ends meet while these evil, pompous, ignorant excuses for human beings sleep soundly counting the pound signs jumping the fence.

They talk of equality and somehow forget that everyone is entitled to being treated with respect,  humanity,  and that they Human Rights which should be adhered to.  Then again this inept Government want to vote out our Human Rights. Is this another step in the direction of the start of Poor and Workhouses for the disadvantaged therefore they will not have to see or hear us and they can carry on being the smug bastards that they think they are.

What can you and I do about this?

Well we need to be honest and ask ourselves do I want to do anything more than sit at home behind my computer screen.

I have no problem with this but I also think that we need to get a lot more people out on the streets each week instead of just the usual few who are out rain, snow, ice and sun fighting for the cause.  We should also be protesting against not just one cut or tax but against all of them.

My main object for the next five years is to carry on taking the fight to them and campaigning to stand at the next local elections.

What are yours?

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To much apathy or just don’t care?

Since the election Party Leaders have resigned and their respective Parties have got to choose a new one. We hear from the Labour Party that they are not going to rush it and probably not vote until their Conference, in the meantime the Conservatives are going to carry on hitting the disadvantaged hard.

This sounds just like the rest of the UK who unless it is happening to them directly, then they just don’t want to know or get involved.

Why do these sort of people have so much apathy towards other people who are struggling day in day out, trying to make the measly amount of benefit money they get to stretch as far as possible. A large number of parents go with out a meal so that they can feed their children.

There are so many people in the UK who have more money than they know what to do with. Why don’t they give a certain amount each year to help out the disadvantaged people. Why don’t they? BECAUSE they so full of shite and apathy and that they live in an entirely different world to us commoners.

They moan about the slightest thing where the rest of us are fighting against a Government that really wants to take everything away from us which if they are allowed to will kill off a enormous amount of us over the next five years. The rest of us will either out on the streets or working and living in Work and Poor Houses.

So why are we allowing them to get away with it? Well a large number of people are fighting day in day out to try and get things done but they can only do so much fighting before it takes its toll on them.

So don’t you think that it’s time for the rest of us to stop being so apathetic and get our arses in gear and start helping them. We need to be aware that the Government are going to attempt to push through as many new welfare changes before the other parties have a chance to elect their new leaders.

Therefore it is imperative that we commence our new campaigns of protest ASAP and that we learn from the past 5 years and make sure that our protests are carried out peacefully.

We must and should start protesting sooner rather than later. Our protests should and must be held all around the UK, whether it is in a small village or a large City our protests must not only be held at the weekend but also on different days of the week. We must cause as much disruption so as to make the Government look up and listen to our discord.

So Brothers and Sisters let’s stand together and start this long campaign against this disgusting Tory Government.

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A Campaign Alone or A United Campaign?

Three days have now passed since the General Election and we have all had time to reflect and digest what happened.

For the rich, big businesses, tax dodging companies and individuals and of course the bankers they are all sitting at home rubbing their hands together thanking the general public for returning the Conservatives to power for five years.

Whilst that is happening, the disabled, sick, vulnerable and low paid are shaking in their boots at the thought of 100 days of Tory cuts carnage as George Osborne plans to fast-track £12BILLION in savings and ‘Pure evil’ Bedroom Tax will hit one million more people as Tories launch their welfare blitz.

Therefore the rich will definitely  get richer and the disadvantage majority are going to be forced either to live on the streets, live in total poverty or commit suicide. The latter of these is the most worrying to think about because the welfare benefits, as bad as they are now, are going to get totally hammered with no thought of the fallout.

It is therefore imperative that we start the fight back NOW.   This is going to be a long long fight  and the outcome is extremely unclear but we need to do it. We don’t have to cause criminal damage or physically attack people, we in fact need peaceful protests and rallies.

What is a needed nationally is for every anti-cut campaign and bedroom tax campaign to join together and take on this Government. We will be far stronger united than trying to stand alone and fight this evilness.

How I look at it is that no one thing is greater than the combined alliance.

I am willing to talk to people about this in person but firstly we all need to agree that we will unite and that everyone is equal.

It is therefore now up to the different campaigns to decide which way is the best way forward.

Please feel free to contact me if you require anymore information.

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Same Government – Now a fight for life.

As all the political parties vie for the votes of those remaining undecided voters that could possibly turn the election their way and thus victory, we should be very very wary of their respective manifestos and their so called promises. Especially the one that means that the disabled, poor, sick and most vulnerable people will yet again be victimised with yet more cuts to their welfare benefits.

Which party do we listen to and therefore vote for?

That my friends is totally up to you but it is my personal opinion that whoever wins things will not change , if at all, for quite a while.

So what should we be doing to prepare for the inevitable?

As there are so much apathy throughout the UK, because as it does not really affect them they believe that everything will be honky dory come May. Well people some of you might be lucky and not be affected but there are and will be millions who are and thousands who will believe that the only way to go is to commit suicide.

Because of this DEAEP are looking ahead and preparing for the massive influx of people requiring our help. We will also be actively campaigning and protesting for those who due to their respective medical conditions cannot actively physically protest for themselves.

All that I can hope for from you is that instead of only going on the big London marches that you arrange and take part in marches and rallies that are held in your local areas.

Please fight for your own cause but also join forces with other causes to make our voices heard throughout the country.


What we can not afford is for this to carry on for another five years because by that time there will be a lot less of us than now.

The choice is yours?

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Not long now.

The day of reckoning for all the runners who are hoping to win the election and thus run the country.

To date I have only received two leaflets,  1 from the Tories and 1 from the Lib Dems. So what are the rest doing? 

No party has yet to ring the bell and talk to me so as it stands it looks like it could be a spoiled voting sheet because I have a postal vote so not much time to impress me.

As I sit by the river in Abbey Park,  watching the ducks and geese going about their business with not a care in the world., I ponder on the last five years of Coalition Government and how disgracefully and inhumanelly that they have treated the vulnerable,  disadvantaged,  disabled,  sick,  poor and low paid citizens of our country.

I don’t believe I am the only one who dreads the outcome of the election just in case we are going to be victimised, belittled, abused even more by the next Government.

We all know that the Tories will hammer us even more with benefit cuts, sanctions etc. All we have heard from Labour is that they will get rid of the bedroom tax but who are they going to victimise to get the money to fund other things. I think we all know who.

So what have we done to all these politicians for them to keep wanting to attack us so viciously?

If they all believe that we are scroungers and the scum of the country then why don’t they just open up poor houses ang work houses again and then at least we’ll all know where we stand.

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