Every day is rapidly becoming the same, we see, hear, read and disbelieve what so called ‘humans’ are willing to allow and do to their own and/or other people.

This country hides behind the apron of the United States of America and when told to jump, we jump twice as high as requested.This is because the United States of America still believes that we the United Kingdom owe them for joining WW2 and saving the day.

We have sent our brave armed forces into wars that have been initiated by the United States of America and because they didn’t want to look totally inept our Government willingly sent our troops out to be MURDERED.

We are then feed crap about there being massive stock piles of weapons of mass destruction and guess what? Lies lies lies.

What in my opinion should of happened was that our Government, Labour run by Tony Blair, should of stood up to the United States of America and said

‘no more, sorry but we have finished paying you back for helping out in WW2.’

But no Blair looking for a way to make a name for himself cohorts with the States and knowing that there are no weapons of mass destruction sends his countrymen to their deaths in a far off land.

When the fighting stops statues are pulled down, only troops around are Americans. Thank you United Kingdom for taking part in our war now bugger off back to your country until we want you again. Yet this so called necessary war as we all know, was a waste of time, money and especially British lives.

Now we are being feed the latest bullshit that basically everyone who is fighting against someone else is a terrorist. We yet again agree to do what America wants and we vote to bomb Syria. Numerous other countries are taking part, so we come to the school playground scenario, we can bomb you but your not allowed to fight back.

Oh my god people have set bombs off in Paris, numerous people killed and injured. Killed and injured because their country’s Air Force was bombing them. I totally condone what these people did in Paris and stand strong in solidarity against these types of attacks and murder.


Borders are reinforced, Governments talk hard ball, media go to work blaming anyone and everyone, public and sporting events are cancelled, curfews are initiated and still the mastermind got away.

The United Kingdom Government and people voice their outrage at these atrocities and carry on bombing.

Is the free world as free as it makes out?

Are these terrorists the real enemy or is the real enemy the West which believes it should be listened to and adhered to.

Sorry but our Governments should all be ashamed of themselves for causing all this heartache to their own people and the people who are suffering the consequences of our big headedness.

War has never solved anything so why keep doing it.

save lives, save money, save face.

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