A new beginning – A new Party

As we all know the start of this Conservative Government’s plans for more degrading, disgusting and totally inhumane Welfare cuts which are going to be aimed mainly at the disabled, sick, poor, unemployed, low waged and most vulnerable people of our society.

They have battered us for five years, along with their buddies the LibDems, and now it will be an all out attack which they will hope will finally knock the stuffing out of us and put us in our rightful place. They are confident that they will achieve this easily by the end of five years. They will also take away our human rights and finally take us back to the 1800s.

Will they be opposed in their drive towards reinventing a society that has two classes, rich and poor. They will also change laws to benefit themselves and the rich 1%.

Do you and I have a choice in the inevitable future? YES WE DO.

We all know that there are numerous campaigns and groups fighting against the cuts and taxes from the past five years. Each group and campaign seem to only fight for their own part of the cuts and taxes.


Well it’s my personal opinion that each of these campaigns and groups have a certain amount of people whose egos are bigger than the cause. This therefore stops them joining forces with anyone else because they want all the praise and are not willing to share.

I have decided to try and start a new Political Party aimed at bringing together all the different groups and campaigns to start fighting the Tories on a regional and national level. This will be a long hard struggle but if we fight as one with rallies, marches and peaceful protest we will be heard and listened to.

One of the main points that has annoyed me over the past five years is that every time there has been a big march or rally it is always at the weekend when the MP’s are not in the House of Commons I understand that people are at work but we need to march during the week as well. We need to stop the flow of traffic by marching at different times and different days. This is one way that we can cause civil disobedience.

I am open to suggestions and would love to get this off the ground.

If you want to meet, especially if there are a few of you, I am willing to pay you a visit and talk about it.

This Party will be for the people and run by the people.

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